We help automate your small manufacturing business.

Automatic price calculation

Why not let your customers calculate quotes for themselves?

We'll help you automate using the Smidyo platform as a base. Smidyo allows you to create a portal that can be accessed by your customers, or even publicly. It's like having a manufacturing web-shop!

    Laser cutting & engraving
    CNC routing
    3D printing

On-demand vector generation

Now that you've got automatic pricing, doesn't it feel a bit tedious to have to make the drawings?

Luckily we can help you out with that as well. We can take the customer's data and transform it into any sort of drawing you may need.

    Sign shops
    Industrial marking
    Customisable, bespoke products
    Print shops


We offer a fixed price plan for laser cutting, and a custom solution plan for everything else.


    Custom domain + 9,90 €/ month
    Credit card checkout Coming soon+ 9,90 €/ month

Laser, basic

19,90 €

per month

Laser cuttingLaser engraving & scoringOrder managementManual quote negotiation

Custom solution


FROM 29,90€

per month

We automate to your needs2D manufacturingOrder managementManual quote negotiation

Free Vector Conversion API

Have a bunch of DWG files you need turned into SVGs?Maybe EPS's that really need to be PDFs?


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